Saturday, December 9, 2017

Fair and Open Market System 12 09 2017

Fair and Open Market System 12 09 2017

In a Fair and Open market System all Qualified Electorates would own one share each of the stock of all the Corporations in America Consolidated.

The value of those share would be based on the book value of the Balance Sheet of Corporate America.

Hence what would happen is

1. That someone who went into management and messed up badly would not be given a second chance, they would have to do something else.  Hence waste to the economy and national debt would not be created.

2.  There would be no fraud or manipulation in such a system.  And if there was it could be deemed commited by spy's and they would be rightly executed.

3.  Future liablities created to the country would be mitigated and would not end up lumped in the national debt.  Hence we would become very shrewd about everything and therefore responsible.

4.  There would be little incentive to backstab, belittle or disenfranchise.  Therefore it would indeed be a positive eugenics movement of natural selection whereby the criminal minded would not find a successful place in it. And their instance would naturally be reduced.

5.  Those deemed not even to be qualified electorates would not be empowered over the normal learning middle class.  NLMC= Normal Learning Middle Class.  I like that term.

6.  There would be a concerted effort to bring best products and innovations to market that last.  Instead of the ideas of genius's being buried in the books because they can't be owned due to patent or other rights.   Lasting products, perhaps modularity improvable, would lead to less high landfill mountains.

And yet someone how it would fail too, due to miss busy body wanting to believe she knows best?  Thereby empirical evidence would indeed prove that miss busy body had not place in a meritocracy?

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

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