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Tomato Soup Recipe 07 13 2017

Tomato Soup Recipe 07 13 2017

I purchased a bucket of 10 large tomatoes for about $1 and decided to make soup out of 7 of them.


7 large tomatoes ( 2 or 3 to be cut up the other 5 or 4 to be blended in a Bullet Grinder)
1 medium sized onion
1 clove garlic
2 cups water
1 cup milk
1/8 t of Poblano Green Pepper diced.
1 T butter
1 1/2 T Honey

Spices about a pinch of each: (I don't measure them out because that makes the contributions of them unproportional or bad batched, whack jobbed.)
Proportion to your personal preference.

Coarse Ground black pepper 1/3 t
Chive (dried flake leaf) 1/2t
Parsley (dried flake leaf) 1/2t
Cilantro (dried flake leaf) 1/2t
Celery seed (Ground powder) ½ t
Rosemary (Ground powder) 1/8t
Basil ¼ t
Fennel 1/8t
Fenugreek 1/8 t
Chicken bullion cube.

Directions: (And just get going fast with this one, its not like mixing a pancake batter)

Put a large stove pot on the stove and set the heat at 4. Add one T of butter to the stove pot. Chop the onion as fine as possible and at it to the pot. Not cut up the 2 or 3 tomatoes and add them to the pot. In a coffee cup put the chicken bullion cube and add a cup of water to it. Mash the bullion cube with a fork and add to the tomato and onions in the pot. Add a cup of milk to a 2 cup pyrex measuring cup and place in microwave for about a minute or two. While that is getting warm fifth cut the other tomatoes up and sequentially fill your bullet grinder with them. Quickly grind them up to a juice and add it to the stove pot. Add honey. In one of the bullet grinders full of tomatoes add the clove of garlic. Add the spices. I tried this soup before adding the milk and after adding the milk and both ways it was good.

It doesn't take long to cook once mixed and getting hot you can eat it right away.  But while you are eating that first cup let it cook down some more for a while, it will get more opaque.

Best Tomato Soup I have ever eaten in my entire life!

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

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